Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8: Goodbye Luxor; One More Night in Cairo

After an early wake-up call, we were met by our driver to escort us to the Luxor airport for our trip to Cairo.  We had one more night in Egypt, at the Mena House Oberoi.

We didn't take a ride in a carriage but they were out there everyday

We loved the Winter Palace

On the way to the Luxor airport

It's a small airport but very modern and nice

Egypt really is all about the Nile river

Back in Cairo!

Mohammed and a driver met us at the Cairo Airport and escorted us to the Mena House Oberoi.  He checked us in to very nice rooms in the Pavillion wing.  The views of the pyramids were good but not great as at the beginning of our trip: we had to go to the balcony to see the pyramis, awww.

Nice room at Mena House Oberoi

Pyramids view!

Delicious birthday cake again, nice!

It was a beautiful clear day so we immediately went to the pool; had lunch and relaxed for awhile.  There were more people at the hotel than at the beginning of our trip, which was good to see.  We all hoped tourism in Egypt recovered from the Revolution because it sustains so many people.

We had a 5pm appointment with a representative of Gouzlan Group Jewellers to deliver our cartouches.  He was late and lost but our dear Ahmed Hamed Yousif was able to track him down and direct him to us.  We walked around the beautiful hotel taking pictures until he arrived.

I wanted a ride...

Great day to view the pyramids!
 We enjoyed the sunset views and a last wonderful dinner in the Moghul Room: Superb Indian food and a great ambiance!  We went to bed happy (but sad that our vacation in Egypt was all but over).

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