Thursday, March 24, 2011

Packing is the least fun thing about traveling

There's still so much to do to get ready for Egypt.  Not for when we're there (Ahmed Hamed Yousif's got that all taken care of), rather it's all the things we've got to do before we leave our house...  We have lists upon lists.  It's really a job getting ready for a vacation--but it's worth it! 

I've never travelled with an injury before and it's been so hard to find the right shoes and clothes.  I have my standard black and brown lace-ups that I use on vacation but those are out for Egypt.  I'm going to be wearing a walking brace and who knows what then hope to feel comfortable in the ankle support brace and sneakers later on.  I've already instructed hubby that all photos need to avoid the feet area; I don't want evidence that I had this injury, just the memory!

TGIF! (well, almost Friday)  Our house sitter comes on Saturday and then we'll be off.  We probably won't sleep much the next couple of nights; yet another reason I'm so glad to be travelling up front!

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